Tips on choosing the best sprayer for applying chemicals to large farm crops

Nozzles are one of the cheaper pieces of equipment when it comes to spraying your crops with chemicals, however, in practical terms, they are one of the most important; ensuring you use the right nozzle for the right purpose can mean drastically better outcomes.

By controlling the amount of liquid sprayed per unit area, application rate and variability of the width of the spray you can achieve all of the different objectives you need to do to ensure your crops are in the best shape.

There are a wide variety of nozzles that come in different types, shapes and sizes; the use of the right nozzle not only increases efficiency but also allows for compliance with label requirements as stipulated by regulations and customers.

When deciding the on the best used tires Winnipeg you need to take careful consideration of the following factors: the type of chemical sprayed, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and fertilizers; the parameters of the sprayer, such as application rate, pressure and travel speed; application type, broadcast, band, directed or air assisted; type of crop being sprayed, field crops, vegetables, vineyards, trees, etc; and finally the weather and the likelihood of a strong wind.

Once you’ve taken into consideration the above factors you should look at which nozzle bests suits your needs. To help you with this, manufacturers have created various different apps that can explain a particular nozzles uses and applicability; easy to use and accessible on your phone, a nozzle assisting app is a definite way to ensure you choose the right nozzle for spraying your crops every time.

Another way of increasing efficiency through nozzle selection is to keep more than one specific type of nozzle on the boom at all times so you can rotate between nozzles for each specific spraying job.

After you’ve chosen your app, identified your objectives and chosen your nozzle, there’s still a few vital points that should be taken into consideration. For example, you need to keep your nozzles and sprayer clean as this is essential to preventing damage to your crops from chemical contamination, sprayers should be cleaned out as soon as possible to prevent the creation of dried residue. Another point to take into consideration is that you should always be prepared to carry out repairs, nozzles receive a lot of use and they aren’t made of the strongest materials and the same can be said for the sprayer itself, you should, therefore, stock up on as many extra nozzles as you need to ensure you that you can maintain the same level of efficiency at all times – even when you’re nozzle has broken.

Nozzles are small and cheap but they play a vital role in maintaining the health of your crops and are therefore invaluable to maintaining your livelihood. They’re only small but make sure you use the best nozzle will completely change the look of your crops, so consider the advice outlined above and make sure you pick the best nozzle for the job every time.

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