Myles is a Hockey Equipment Savior

Dauphin Manitoba is made up of around 8000 people that are devoted to their community and always looking to improve their home. Some of the ways in which this is done is through volunteer work and fundraising. One of the more prominent organizations in Dauphin is the Kinsmen Club of Dauphin. This is a group of people who gather together to perform a wide variety of local fundraising and service projects. Each club assesses their community’s greatest need to determine what projects to undertake and how to distribute funds raised within the local community. Myles Haverluck, one of the leaders of The Dauphin Kinsmen, takes a more hands on approach to his social events.


Myles is the owner and operator of the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy as well as the Business Manager for the

Dauphin Medical Group. Since moving back home from his schooling at the University of Manitoba in 1979, Myles has invested himself completely in the community. Even when he was busy with school, Myles enjoyed volunteering his efforts to causes and social groups, including The University of Manitoba Athletic Commission (UMAC). He helped to organize events and contributed to charities across Manitoba.  Having been a leader on the football field and hockey rink through out University, Myles knew the importance of sport and activity. The lessons learned from his athletic careers would make him a better leader to motivate his family and community.   


One of the first projects Myles took on was helping to fund a local junior hockey team. There are a number of charity’s that gather donations and reusable hockey equipment that are then sent to family’s that cant afford to buy new, so that their kids can get on the ice and play. But it hit home for Myles when he found out that a close friend had fallen on hard times and couldn’t afford to buy his son new equipment to play hockey in the upcoming season. Myles knew that not every parent was brave enough to come forward and admit that they needed help, so Myles held events and socials to raise money for young athletes. By the time the hockey season rolled around, hundreds of kids in all of Manitoba were able to gear up and hit the ice to participate in their favorite game.


After showing his commitment and fortitude, Myles was awarded with the title of Kinsmen of the Year. The passion that Myles had shown motivated the community to go above and beyond the call to help their neighbours. To this day, Myles still donates his time and efforts to the people of Dauphin. Organizing events to help fund hockey equipment to young players who can’t afford it, buying team jerseys and sponsoring away games for youth athletics. As well as being part of the Chamber of Commerce, the Economic Development Board and various senior citizen development groups.

Basement Renovation – Ideas

BasementThe basement of many homes may be cluttered with boxes, may decorate with cobwebs, or may feature exposed wiring and plumbing, but they also have great potential to offer more space and comfort to your home. Also, a renovated basement can add considerable value to your home whether you choose to turn it into a home office, bedroom, family room, or even basement suite. As you would expect with any renovation, planning is the key. Before you start to renovate your basement, you should take some time to develop a well thought out plan of how you want the transformation to proceed. Winnipeg alarm companies will probably want you to consider how to renovate the ceiling, lighting, and flooring once you have chosen a purpose for the room.


Obviously, before you renovate, you want to know what you plan for your basement. If you are building a home office, your choices will be very different than if you are planning another family space. Ultimately all your renovation decisions will be guided by the function of your basement. A home office should include shelves, desks, and storage space, while a children’s playroom should have durable flooring, washable window coverings, and a place for toys. So, when you start to plan your basement renovation let the function of the room drive your decorating choices.

The Ceiling

One element of a basement that will almost always require renovation is the limit. Most unfinished basements also have an unfinished ceiling where electrical wires, plumbing pipes, and heating ducts are visible. As such, you first need to assess your needs with regards to your electrical and plumbing requirements. You may need to create access panels for electrical and plumbing systems, and as such you may want to install a suspended ceiling. Suspended ceilings are both functional and attractive as they feature a grid of ceiling panels that can easily be moved. Suspended ceilings are also available in a range of beautiful styles and colours so they can match any basement renovation.


Because your basement is less likely to receive natural light, you will have to carefully consider lighting. Many newer renovations feature recessed lighting, but you may want to pair this kind of lighting with ambient lighting from floor and table lamps. Ideally, you want to be able to control the amount of light in your basement so it can be bright or dim depending on your mood or activities. Obviously, an office space would benefit from a brighter lighting scheme; whereas you’re more likely to want to adjust lighting levels in a family or recreational room.


The flooring of your basement also needs to follow the function. A home gym needs durable flooring that is easily cleaned, and tiles or linoleum may be a great option. On the other hand, carpet or hardwood flooring makes an attractive and comfortable solution for living spaces. Remember that basements tend to accumulate more moisture, so you’ll want to either install a sub-flooring or choose a flooring option that is resistant to water.

Be True to You

Ultimately, your renovation is your project, and you should be true to your style and preferences. Choose colours you find comforting or relaxing, decorate as you prefer, and follow expert advice and tips only so far as you feel you will create a space that you can enjoy.

How to Choose the Right Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets can have a great impact on a bathroom redo, but selecting from a wide range of available options can be overwhelming. Even though these cabinets have the power to make your bathroom look amazing, but if not selected wisely, it can also mar the look. Let us now get to learn about bathroom cabinets in details, so that picking the right one becomes easier.

Different cabinet types

Bathroom CabinetsThere are different types of cabinets you can choose from including standalone cabinets, corner cabinets, over-the-toilet cabinets, sink cabinets, cabinets with open shelving, mirrored cabinets, and large ones that are ideal for storing linen. If you want to display your cabinet objects then open cabinets are ideal for you, else any closed cabinet suiting your taste will make a perfect pick. If you regularly use appliances like trimmers, razors, toothbrushes, then cabinets with electrical fixtures like lights and socket points will be perfect for you. Some also come with magnifying mirrors that make the grooming process easier.

The different styles

A freestanding bathroom cabinet that has exposed legs can make your bathroom look more elegant, and if you keep two cabinets on either side of your sink, it can help create a very nice, formal, and elegant look. To add a touch of minimalism you can opt for a floating bathroom cabinet with front drawers, which can be installed just a few centimeters above ground level. If you are interested in creating a traditional look, then raised panel door cabinets on either side of your sink will be just ideal. To create a modern and chic look, you con consider combining chrome, wood, and stone. For instance, you can opt for a wooden cabinet with chrome fixtures and a stone top.

The materials

As your bathroom will experience moisture, humidity, and frequent fluctuations in temperature, the cabinet material you opt for should be able to resist heat and moisture. Plywood cabinets are perfect for hot and moist conditions. If you love wooden bathroom cabinets then wood veneer cabinets is a great option for you, as they are as durable as plywood. Solid wood can contract and expand with changes in humidity levels and temperature and this can make the paint and wood to crack, and thus is not good for bathrooms. If you want your wooden cabinets to last for a longer time then use cabinets coated with high-gloss lacquer as this protects most types of wood like oak and pine, from humidity and temperature changes. Laminated materials are great as they are durable, are available in different types of color, and are also easy to clean. The laminates can be applied by yourself or by bathroom renovations Winnipeg crews.

Storage and size

Just buying about any cabinet because that looks great is certainly not a good idea. You would not want your money wasted when you see it does not fit in the area you wanted to place it at. So it is important you first take measurements of the area, so that you can get just the perfect size cabinet. Also, you need to think what you plan to store in your cabinet so that you can get one that has space enough to fit in all your essentials.

Just like anything else, you need to spend enough time getting the best cabinet for your bathroom. You efforts and time will help make your bathroom look just perfect, and also will make sure the cabinet serves its purpose the right way.

Kitchen Cabinets Options That Can Completely Transform The Look Of Your Kitchen

One of the first things that potential home buyers look at when shopping for a new home is the kitchen. The style and size of the kitchen can make or break a sale, and kitchen with old appliances and out-of-date cabinets will certainly have a negative impact on the potential buyer. The seller may be forced to drastically reduce the price of his or her home just to compensate for the outdated kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets Options

If you are ready to remodel your kitchen, you will need to decide on the cabinetry. There are many options a homeowner can choose when it comes to finding the perfect kitchen cabinets. The top options include:

Pre-fabricated Kitchen Cabinets

There are many big-box retailers that have kitchen cabinets that are pre-fabricated. These cabinets are assembled right out of the box and can be hung with ease.

However, pre-fabricated cabinets are of drastically lower quality wood. You will save money by putting the cabinets together and hanging them yourself, but the overall look and feel of the cabinets may not provide you with the caliber woodwork you originally envisioned.

Unfinished kitchen cabinets

Another option for remodeling your kitchen is installing unfinished kitchen cabinets. You can save money by buying unfinished kitchen cabinets and applying the paint or stain yourself. This allows you to match a space or color inside your home for a truly unique look.

Unfinished cabinets are usually the most cost-effective, so you have the flexibility to experiment with colors, stains, veneers and laminates until you find the look that you enjoy the most.

Repainting the cabinets

If you already have painted kitchen cabinets, a great way to freshen up the kitchen and achieve a totally new look is by repainting the cabinets with a different color. This is a great choice for people who don’t have a lot of money to spend and can’t afford to perform a complete kitchen remodel. A fresh coat of different colored paint and some new hardware can have a drastic impact on the look of your kitchen and make it look like it has been equipped with a new set of cabinets.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen CabinetsWhen you want to give your kitchen a complete overhaul and bring it up to date, consider having custom kitchen cabinets installed. Custom cabinets are measured and cut to fit into your kitchen and can be adorned with any type of trim and panel work that you desire.

With custom kitchen cabinets, it is important to choose a design and style of cabinetry that will stand the test of time and not seem outdated. Classic traditional woodwork is always a great choice when having custom kitchen cabinets installed. When you have your cabinets custom built, you can choose the type of wood and the type of finish. The cabinets will be more expensive when you choose a higher quality of wood.

If you are planning on selling your home and want to give your kitchen the most appealing makeover, replacing outdated kitchen cabinets with new custom cabinets will certainly do the trick. There is no doubt that you can get a great return on investment when you put your house on the market with a new, modern and unique looking kitchen.

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Asbestos: how to identify it and how to get rid of it

The very beginnings of the large scale asbestos industry began way back in the mid 19th century. Back then if was mined for use as paper and cloth in Italy and Canada. Proper companies sprung up then in England, Scotland and Germany. After US production began in the late 19th century, the use of asbestos became more widespread. People soon realised that it was an incredibly diverse product and could be used in combination with concrete to create bricks and pipes, that it was perfect for retaining heat and made wonderful insulation for walls and ceilings.

However, in early 19th century, employees of the asbestos mines showed signs of lung degeneration and many died young of extensive fibrosis. After many more deaths, asbestos was outlawed and gradually phased out from the 1920’s onwards.

Anthophyllite asbestosSo what is asbestos? Well, it is a naturally occurring mineral that, as mentioned, has to be mined like say iron ore or gold. It is a very tightly wound form made up of thin fibrous crystals with each visible fiber in turn made up of millions of other tiny fibers. It is breathing in these tiny fibers that is the root of the problem and can seriously damage the lungs.

Despite some very early uncertainties about asbestos, it was used in the making of clothing, tablecloths and sheets way back as far as 800AD. It’s later use as home insulation was a huge mistake in regards to health but at the time there was nothing as cheap and as effective as asbestos. Nowadays, other than in America where it is still legal, the general consensus in most countries is that it should be removed from your home as soon as possible.

In order to rid your home of asbestos, one must be able to spot it first. However, the majority of asbestos will not be in clear sight. It will be laid out in the attic or in between the walls or under the floors in big thick sift almost fluffed up sheets. The thickness of these sheets will differ but the feel and texture will always be the same; it will feel rough and grainy, and always slightly pliable. If you are searching your house, always wear a face mask, goggles and gloves. Do not touch asbestos with bare hands. Do not ever breathe it in.

Usually in the attic if it is installed it will be laid out and covered over lying in between the wooden plank supports or slats. In the walls it is usually sandwiched between two pieces of drywall and painted over. As for pipes, the asbestos will be wrapped like giant padding around the entire body of the pipes which is easy to unfurl and investigate.

It is advisable not to try and remove it yourself or to disturb asbestos too much as the fiber spores can spread. Never run a vacuum near it and if you really have to remove it yourself, make sure you are completely covered from head to toe in protection and only cut the asbestos into huge pieces. The larger the better. Every unnecessary cut increases the chances of spreading the fibers in the air.

It is preferable however to hire a contractor and let a professional do it. There are strict guidelines to it’s removal and they can then dispose of it as hazardous waste or, if not immediately disposed, it can be recycled into a harmless silicate glass through a process of thermal decomposition at extremely high temperatures.

Tips on choosing the best sprayer for applying chemicals to large farm crops

Nozzles are one of the cheaper pieces of equipment when it comes to spraying your crops with chemicals, however, in practical terms, they are one of the most important; ensuring you use the right nozzle for the right purpose can mean drastically better outcomes.

By controlling the amount of liquid sprayed per unit area, application rate and variability of the width of the spray you can achieve all of the different objectives you need to do to ensure your crops are in the best shape.

There are a wide variety of nozzles that come in different types, shapes and sizes; the use of the right nozzle not only increases efficiency but also allows for compliance with label requirements as stipulated by regulations and customers.

When deciding the on the best used tires Winnipeg you need to take careful consideration of the following factors: the type of chemical sprayed, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and fertilizers; the parameters of the sprayer, such as application rate, pressure and travel speed; application type, broadcast, band, directed or air assisted; type of crop being sprayed, field crops, vegetables, vineyards, trees, etc; and finally the weather and the likelihood of a strong wind.

Once you’ve taken into consideration the above factors you should look at which nozzle bests suits your needs. To help you with this, manufacturers have created various different apps that can explain a particular nozzles uses and applicability; easy to use and accessible on your phone, a nozzle assisting app is a definite way to ensure you choose the right nozzle for spraying your crops every time.

Another way of increasing efficiency through nozzle selection is to keep more than one specific type of nozzle on the boom at all times so you can rotate between nozzles for each specific spraying job.

After you’ve chosen your app, identified your objectives and chosen your nozzle, there’s still a few vital points that should be taken into consideration. For example, you need to keep your nozzles and sprayer clean as this is essential to preventing damage to your crops from chemical contamination, sprayers should be cleaned out as soon as possible to prevent the creation of dried residue. Another point to take into consideration is that you should always be prepared to carry out repairs, nozzles receive a lot of use and they aren’t made of the strongest materials and the same can be said for the sprayer itself, you should, therefore, stock up on as many extra nozzles as you need to ensure you that you can maintain the same level of efficiency at all times – even when you’re nozzle has broken.

Nozzles are small and cheap but they play a vital role in maintaining the health of your crops and are therefore invaluable to maintaining your livelihood. They’re only small but make sure you use the best nozzle will completely change the look of your crops, so consider the advice outlined above and make sure you pick the best nozzle for the job every time.

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