Myles is a Hockey Equipment Savior

Dauphin Manitoba is made up of around 8000 people that are devoted to their community and always looking to improve their home. Some of the ways in which this is done is through volunteer work and fundraising. One of the more prominent organizations in Dauphin is the Kinsmen Club of Dauphin. This is a group of people who gather together to perform a wide variety of local fundraising and service projects. Each club assesses their community’s greatest need to determine what projects to undertake and how to distribute funds raised within the local community. Myles Haverluck, one of the leaders of The Dauphin Kinsmen, takes a more hands on approach to his social events.


Myles is the owner and operator of the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy as well as the Business Manager for the

Dauphin Medical Group. Since moving back home from his schooling at the University of Manitoba in 1979, Myles has invested himself completely in the community. Even when he was busy with school, Myles enjoyed volunteering his efforts to causes and social groups, including The University of Manitoba Athletic Commission (UMAC). He helped to organize events and contributed to charities across Manitoba.  Having been a leader on the football field and hockey rink through out University, Myles knew the importance of sport and activity. The lessons learned from his athletic careers would make him a better leader to motivate his family and community.   


One of the first projects Myles took on was helping to fund a local junior hockey team. There are a number of charity’s that gather donations and reusable hockey equipment that are then sent to family’s that cant afford to buy new, so that their kids can get on the ice and play. But it hit home for Myles when he found out that a close friend had fallen on hard times and couldn’t afford to buy his son new equipment to play hockey in the upcoming season. Myles knew that not every parent was brave enough to come forward and admit that they needed help, so Myles held events and socials to raise money for young athletes. By the time the hockey season rolled around, hundreds of kids in all of Manitoba were able to gear up and hit the ice to participate in their favorite game.


After showing his commitment and fortitude, Myles was awarded with the title of Kinsmen of the Year. The passion that Myles had shown motivated the community to go above and beyond the call to help their neighbours. To this day, Myles still donates his time and efforts to the people of Dauphin. Organizing events to help fund hockey equipment to young players who can’t afford it, buying team jerseys and sponsoring away games for youth athletics. As well as being part of the Chamber of Commerce, the Economic Development Board and various senior citizen development groups.